Male Acne & How It Is Caused

25% of males carry their teenage acne well into their adult lives, leaving their self-confidence shattered. But is male acne similar to acne experienced by females? Why is that males often experience more stubborn cases of acne than women? The answers to all this and more will be covered in this blog post.

Men are likely to experience more severe bouts of acne than women on average because their skin produces more sebum (skin oil) than women. Fluctuating hormones (androgens) are also responsible for breakouts on the face, back and chest in men. Apart from the excessive production of sebum and hormone imbalances, there are a host of other reasons behind why men experience more frequent acne breakouts. They are caused by –

  • Shaving/Razor Bumps

Shaving against the grain, using a harsh shaving gel/cream or a used razor can perpetuate acne. Replace the razor frequently and shave along the grain rather than against it to avoid razor bumps or future breakouts. Use a mild shaving-gel and reduce the frequency of shaving, especially if your skin gets irritable too quickly.

  • Harsh Soaps & Facewash Products

Physical irritation of the skin caused by the chemicals in soaps and facewash products can aggravate acne conditions. Since men tend to sweat more due to physical activity and other reasons, the misconception is that men need to wash their faces a lot more with soap. This is false. Washing the face with plain, lukewarm water 2-3 times in the day should suffice.

  • Body Building & Weight Gain

When there is an increase in the calorie level in the body, the body responds by increasing the level of androgens. When men work out and want to bulk up, consumption of food and body-building supplements increase, leading to acne flare ups on the face and body.

  • Steroids

If you already have a persistent acne condition and you are on anabolic steroids, it can cause quick onsets of severe acne on the body and can also make treating acne that much more difficult. Avoid it as much as possible and be extra conscientious with your acne condition, especially if you are into body-building or steroids.

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