Juices to stay away from pimples

If you are anxious about your blackheads or acnes, you should fall in love with juices. If you are already a juice lover, start pampering your love. Juices are worthier than your tens of acnes removal creams, face-packs and all such trivial stuff which have been pulling on huge share of your budget. Juices keep off your pimples at first place. Though you have an unending list of drinks when you think of juices, a selective few are especially beneficial for your skin. Here we sort out the names of a few of those elixirs:

The tasty tangy orange juice: Orange juice is a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Drink a glass of orange juice daily and watch the difference in terms of a fair complexion and acne-free skin. The additional benefits are seen in terms of reduced age-lines and fine wrinkles.

Papaya the pulpy solution for pimples: If you are worried about acnes, you might have forgone the sweetness of a papaya. So, the next time you are worried about breakouts, take a ripe papaya, peel off its skin and seeds, extract the pulp, add sugar, black salt and water and drink it to keep off oxidants from your skin layer.

Berries with lime for vitamin C: Name any berry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, gooseberry all are rich sources of vitamin C. Add lime to any berry juice and drink it. It’s an abundant source of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

Sweet potatoes for a shining skin: Half boiled sweet potatoes make a soft and simple solution for your acnes. Add pepper, sugar and salt for taste and extract the juice from the pulp. This juice will yield you an acne free face.

Aloe Vera Juice, a long known livener:  Aloe Vera has made an imprint of its benefits since the days of Romans. Aloe Vera juice added with turmeric and salt will yield the inner glow to your skin.

Lime juice, the simple sour solution: Lemons juice, the simplest of all juices has multiple benefits of clearing skin, lightening dark spots and enriching you with Vitamin C.

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