Shaving Tip 6/8 – Ingrown Hairs

Why Ingrown Hairs Form

Ingrown hairs form when the cut shaft of a hair grows back into the skin. This usually occurs when the shaft has been cut poorly or at an uneven angle. Ingrown hairs can become infected.

1) Keep your Razor Sharp

You could say a bad workman always blames his tools but it really is crucial to keep your razor well-maintained to avoid ingrown hairs. It’s hard to estimate how many shaves one razorblade can give you but we’d suggest in the range of 5 to 15 depending on the length and density of your stubble.

2) Refine your Pre-Shave Ritual

Your pre-shave ritual should involve two things to avoid ingrown hair

Heat – Opens pores, softens hairs and allows them to extend and stand erect, meaning they’re far more likely to be cut the first time by your razor.

Exfoliation – Removes dead skin cells and other particles from pores which again helps keep hairs pointing straight up.

3) Refine your Technique

Wet shaving requires some practice but it’s part of the experience. Work on the way you handle your razor, the angle you hold it at and the path you use to shave with the grain of your facial hair. Fewer more precise takes are always better for reducing the chances of both ingrown hairs and razor burn.

4) Use a Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes are always recommended for wet shaves. They’re awesome for pulling hairs up vertically to further ensure your razor catches them property. Quality shaving cream also assists in keeping your razor moving smoothly over your skin cutting hairs consistently.

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