Hygiene tips for acne skin

Your lifestyle is an obvious influencer of your skin. If you have acne skin, you must keep a strict tab on your personal hygiene. Because acne is very commonly caused by bacteria and staying clean is a great way to keep off the effects of bacteria. So, if you look at yourself in the mirror and a pimple stares back at you, you must reflect yourself on how hygienic you have been. Hygiene is not achieved at an easy go. The rules of hygiene must become a part of your regular routine, even after you get over your pimples completely. It is necessary for a sustainable beauty of your skin. So here we list out a few simple tips for maintaining skin:

Wash your face twice a day: Wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening. In the morning after you get up a night’s laden oil and moisture gather on your skin. Wash it off with a gentle moisturizer before applying moisturizer or any other cosmetic for the day. In the evening was it once again to get rid of the full day’s dirt and pollutants. Tone your skin after every evening wash.

Keep off hair from your skin: Hair irritates sensitive skin. If your hair is oiled or anointed with serum it must be strictly kept off from sensitive skin.

Wash your hair every alternate day: Washing your hair every alternate day will keep off dandruff which in turn encouraged acne triggering bacteria. So a clean scalp is skin friendly and reduces breakouts.

Wash your towel: Your towel which you use for wiping your face must be fresh and clean. If bacteria gather in your towel, they will get into your skin even after you wash your face. So your towel must be washed regularly and dried up well in the sun.

Use fresh sheets: If bacteria and oil accumulates in your pillow-cover it will get into your face skin while you sleep. So keep changing your pillow cover as well as other sheets in your bed. This is an important rule of hygiene.

Keep fingers off your skin: Keeping fingers off an acne skin is a difficult yet the most important rule. Your fingers spill acne encouraging bacteria and increase the number of breakouts. So strictly hold back your fingers and watch the good effects.

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