How To Deal With Back Acne

Acne eruptions on the face are commonly heard of, but people are always alarmed when they find that other parts of their body i.e. back, chest, buttocks, arms and neck, are crawling with pimples. Who wouldn’t it? It is after all, a nasty, unsightly experience.  What may come as a surprise to you is the fact that acne on the back and other places is just as common as pimples on the face. These could be due to underlying health disorders or conditions such as ‘acne vulgaris’. However, if you find that you have persistent acne breakouts on your back specifically, you may be suffering from a situation known as ‘truncal acne’.

How Is It Caused?

Truncal acne or ‘back acne’ as it is popularly known, is a situation that is worsened by conditions such as –

  • Dandruff
  • Eczema
  • Polycystic Ovarian Disorders
  • Folliculitis, caused by shaving or waxing
  • Acne vulgaris
  • Laser treatment

How Can ‘Back-ne’ Be Treated?

  • You may be prescribed OTC creams that contain benzoyl peroxide or retinol – two ingredients that work wonders on acne. Your dermatologist may give you a personalized plan to work with.
  • Apart from hormone-related issues, you could be at a risk of developing acne if you don’t shower enough or scrub your back with an abrasive loofah. This leads to oil buildup and the accumulation of dirt and bacteria on the back, subsequently inducing acne eruptions.
  • Make sure that you shampoo your hair on a frequent basis, especially if they are oily.
  • Change your pillow covers and bed sheets regularly.
  • This may be new, but going to the beach also helps! Submerging yourself in salt water for about 15-20 minutes will dry out your pimples and the salt acts as a natural exfoliator on your skin.
  • Avoid using harsh soaps that can cause an imbalance in the pH of your skin. Imbalances of pH levels are known to cause irritations on the skin and as a result, this could lead to the development of acne.

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