Why Hot Showers Are Making Your Pimples Worse!

Life can be funny at times. The foods that are tastiest to eat are almost always bad for you and cold showers that are capable of sending chills down your spine (quite literally!) are actually the best for your skin and health. On any day, warm showers are generally more preferred than ice-cold ones. But the truth is, cold showers are great for clearing acne. Before we dwell upon why hot showers are bad for the skin, it is important to understand the layers of the skin–

The Anatomy of The Skin

The skin is made up of 3 distinct layers; the subcutis, the dermis and the epidermis. The outer-most layer, the epidermis is made up of keratin that provides natural defense for the body from outer elements and also retains the body’s natural moisture, making the skin more malleable, by producing a thin layer of oil. It is this oil that is compromised on and that takes a beating during a hot shower. The skin dries out and in the process, more sebum is produced by the body, paving way for more pimples. Also, hot showers are capable of making the skin look burnt and itchy. Have you ever noticed how red your skin becomes once you step out of a hot shower?

Opt For Cold Showers

Though cold showers may sound brutal, they are the best choice if healthy, acne-free skin is what you seek. This is because, cold showers increases blood circulation in the body and in the process, healthy blood flow promotes nutrient absorption to the skin. Another reason is that cold water does not damage the surface of the skin and you’ll notice that your skin feels a lot suppler with a healthy glow to it after a cold shower. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, cold showers are perfect if you want to de-stress and can help you set the mood for the rest of the day.

Try having cold showers for the next couple of days and watch your pimples reduce in size and eventually disappear!

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