Healthy habits to avoid and eliminate blackheads and acnes

Habits are the foundation of a healthy life. Many times you forgo this very foundation and make a   worthless wish to get the best of health. It’s true that with the impositions of a modern life it has become tougher to maintain the conventional healthy lifestyle that follows the old adage of “early to bed, early to rise”. As a result you break the foundation of a good health and lose the glow of your skin. Blackheads, acnes, wrinkles are actually signs of diversion from a healthy lifestyle. You often ignore this fact and make a big leap to use cosmetic creams, acne-removal treatments and drain your money just to watch the vicious breakouts again after a few days. So, if you want a sustainable solution to your blackheads or acnes, get right the following five basics today!

Sleep tight for at least seven hours:  A good sleep is great gift for your skin. A good sleep improves the blood flow to the skin surrounding your face which lends you a glow. Deprivation from sleep increases the secretion of the corsitol hormone which increases inflammation and gives way to your blackheads. So, don’t ignore the beauty sleep.

Water in empty stomach is an elixir: Make sure you drink at least two glasses of water in the early morning in your empty stomach. This washes off toxins from your blood and improves your metabolism which shows off in terms of glowing skin. So, start your day with at least two glasses of water and increase it eventually to four glasses in the morning.

Cheer the cup of goodness: Drink green tea! A cup of green gives plenty of goodness to your skin. The antioxidants present in green tea keeps your skin hydrated and reduces inflammation. So, drink this good drink, at least a cup a day.

Live clean and simple: Keep clean your facial products wear simple makeup, wash your face regularly use a single family of skin care products and avoid fragrant products. These simple habits will give you a long term healthy skin.

Take a cold shower: Hot showers triggers inflammation by stripping skin moisture. So take cold showers as long as you can stand it. Limit the shower time and use soft soaps or shower gels.

Moisturize after bathing: Make it a habit of applying a suitable moisturizer after bathing. This will prevent dryness , bruising and tearing of skin. Don’t assume that only costly moisturizers will work well. Pick the one which is right for your skin.

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