Top 3 Tips To Get Acne-Free Skin For 2016!

Now that the holiday season has ended and people are getting back to the grind, a lot of work will have to be done and in such cases, it is always easy to forget about the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and hence, requires a lot of care and maintenance. Make it a priority for the year 2016, because no matter where you go, what you do or whom you meet, acne-free, healthy skin will augment your self-esteem and ensure you look and feel your best at all times.

Top Tip #1

Healthy Food Habits

If you want to battle your acne from the inside-out and you want your skin to have that healthy, pink glow, include lots of water, green, leafy vegetables, citrus-based fruits and beta-carotene rich foods like squash, carrots, kaffir lime leaves, beetroot and kale in your diet. One glazed doughnut a day may seem like no harm, but the effects are adverse and excessive sugar in the diet, can weaken the immune system. Using olive oil for cooking or for topical use, also comes with its share of benefits – it fights wrinkles, keeps your pores tight and thereby, reduces acne breakouts.

 Top Tip #2

Take Zinc Supplements

Although you may get enough zinc from your diet, there are studies that have proven that zinc supplements are particularly effective when it comes to dealing with severe acne conditions. Zinc properties fight redness, inflammation of the skin, itchiness and regulate the oil production. Nonetheless, get your doctor’s recommendation before you proceed to your nearest drug store to buy these supplements on your own.

 Top Tip #3

Invest In A No-Fuss, Skin-Care Routine

Although this is a tried and tested formula, people forget how important it is to maintain a regular skin care routine in the din of everyday living. No matter how busy you get, invest at least 15 minutes in the day, to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin. With the growing pollution levels and stress we face, it is important to follow these 3 basic steps to keep the skin glowing, supple and unclogged. This will automatically do it its bit when it comes to fighting acne.

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