Essential oils for a healthy skin

If you are wondering about the best ointment for your acne prone skin you should remember oils, the godly part of nature. The use of essential oils dates back to 2000 B.C. In ancient civilizations essential oils were used as healing agents. So, why not we see the miracles of oils in our daily lives? If you want to pick the best product for your skin, you should understand the ones which are pure extracts of nature. Usually essential oil suitable for your skin type refines your skin texture, regulates the oil production of your skin and reduces the signs of aging. If you are speculating about essential oils which are good for your skin, here are a few picks for you:

The gentle lavender oil: Lavender is an old known soothing agent. It helps to reduce skin irritations and heals inflammations. It is known for its aroma which washes off toxins from your skin and improves your blood circulation. No doubt, lavender enhances the glow in your skin.

Your skin relishes rose oil: The aroma of roses is more than just a kindler of love memories. Research says, rose oils improves acnes, regulates hormone flow and relieves anxiety. These qualities of rose oil reflect in your healthier skin.

The soft sunflower oil: With its mild fragrance and abundance of antioxidants, sunflower oil helps to reduce acnes, irritation and inflammation. Even for normal skin, sunflower oil is a favorable moisturizer.

The sweet almond oil: The light and sweet almond oil is rich in Vitamin A, D and E. It is best for people with dry skin. It is an amazing moisturizer, skin toner and conditioner.

The virgin olive oil: Used for centuries, olive oil has ample amounts of vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids. The antioxidants in olive oil delay your skin aging and soften it for a long run.

Coconut oil for your skin: Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats which makes it a splendid moisturizer and an even toner. It is a wonderful agent to treat dryness.You might be often wondering whether oil will clog your pores to trigger your breakouts. This might be one of the reasons of your hesitation to use oil but the fact is using the right amount of the right oil is nowhere related to clogging of skin pores. So, start improving your skin with these wondrous liquids of nature from today!

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