Looking for an easy way to pop a pimple? Don’t miss out on these tips!

Each time you discover a pimple on your face, your fingertips may start feeling an itch. Almost as if popping will help you get rid of the pimple or the itch… forever! The truth is, by popping a pimple you are triggering worse breakouts. Pimples are little pustules of bacteria and oil. When we puncture it, all the constituents of the pimple spill out and sink deeper into the other pores near the pimple. This in turn, will pave way for uglier pimple breakouts. To make matters worse, the old pimple will not go away! It will become sore, red and/or even leave permanent scarring!

At this point you might be wondering, how do people pop pimples without leaving traces of its existence on the skin?

Well, there’s definitely a way to get rid of pimples by popping it, particularly if it breaks out before a special event like your best friend’s wedding or a date. But before taking your fingertip to a pimple, you need to understand the right method of popping a pimple. The steps of are as follows:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with a disinfectant and mildly rub some astringent on your fingertips.
  • Analyze the pimple and pop it only if it has a formed a firm whitehead. The white head should visibly be filled with pus.
  • Sterilize a pimple popper and dip it in some astringent.
  • Position the pimple popper over the pimple and press the edges of the pimple popper down on the pustule till the tip of the white head comes out. If it still doesn’t come out the pimple is not ready to be popped. So stop attempting immediately!
  • If it has come out a little, softly squeeze the rest of it out with a cotton swab to remove any remaining pus and immediately apply astringent on the area. Although this may sting, it is necessary if need help with deflating the blemish!

The above stated steps are proven fair for your skin by dermatologists and beauticians. So the next time a pimple erupts, pop it without hurting your skin.

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