Ear Pimples – The Bothersome Zits No One Talks About!

Ear pimples are one of the most common types of pimples experienced by teenagers and adults alike, but are still not talked about enough, leading to raised eyebrows. Whether they are found behind the ear lobe, on the ear cartilage or in a secluded spot in the ear canal, ear pimples can get super painful and should be looked into and treated at the earliest.

What Causes Ear Pimples?

Poor personal hygiene is one of the main factors behind pimples occurring anywhere on the body. Scratching the ears with your nails (major breeding grounds for bacteria), overuse of hair products, prodding the pimple with a Q-tip or not washing the ears while having a shower, could all be reasons behind why pimples form in the ears. Other reasons could be the use of occlusive clothing, changes in body temperature, ear piercings, oily hair, stress and a poor diet.

What Can I Do?

To ensure that these never occur in the ear in the future, it is important to maintain good aural hygiene along with a regular face and hair routine. Always wash your ears with water and then dry it off with a towel. Use a fresh Q-tip to remove any excess water, oils or dirt. Avoid sticking your fingers into your ears, wash your hair regularly to avoid excess oil buildup around the ear region and make sure you always clean your earphones, piercings, helmets and pillow covers.

If home remedies are what you are looking for, you apply a few drops of tea tree oil inside the ear, apply aloe vera gel or even consume garlic. If the ear pimple hasn’t receded, ask your doctor to prescribe ear drops or have it popped under medical supervision.

The skin on the ear is thinner than most parts of the body, which is why when a pimple occurs, you may find that the pain radiates to the rest of the face. If the ear pimples persist despite regular care and the pain extends to your brows or jaw line, have yourself examined by your doctor instead of tackling it on your own.

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