The Social, Emotional And Psychological Problems Of Dealing With Acne

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself turning down social invitations, walking out with a paper bag on your face or crying loudly into your pillow if you have severe acne. If respite is what you seek, understand that you are not alone! It is very easy to feel like an extra-terrestrial with those ugly spots and bumps on your face. If you tell yourself that you are not the only one going through this problem, you’ll find that you’ll be able to alleviate the struggle. This post will highlight 4 of the major social, emotional and psychological problems of dealing with acne to help you stay mindful of the signs at all times!

1. Self-Esteem

Self esteem has been and will continue to be a major issue associated with acne, unless you are willing to accept that having acne (no matter how outwardly debilitating) is absolutely normal! Those who suffer from severe acne will look for all possible ways to cover up the acne by avoiding eye contact, caking their faces with make up, growing facial/body hair etc.

2. Social Withdrawal

In some people, the distress of acne may even result in social withdrawal and strained relationships. It can invoke taunts from others, put pressure on the relationships with the opposite sex and eventually make people reclusive, out of fear of damaging assessment by others. If this situation is taken lightly, it could even lead to social phobia, which is an extreme case of social withdrawal.

3. Depression

Depression may manifest as social withdrawal because sometimes people will just not want to wake up, lock themselves up in the room all the time or avoid human contact. However, depression is a more severe case because it can even lead to attempted suicide, with corresponding, worrying statements such as ‘I’m worthless’, ‘You’d be better off not knowing me’ and the like. Depression can cause psychological imbalances but can be treated with counselling and medication if spotted early.

4. Lethargy

If your acne breakouts are hormonal in nature, chances are you may experience fatigue, tiredness and a drop in libido. Increases in sugar levels or fluctuating hormones can take a toll on your bodily functions and slow you down considerably, leading to lethargy, loss of appetite, mood swings and perpetual tiredness. Lethargy will in turn, lead to a poor lifestyle, resulting in possibilities of further breakouts.

Despite its superficial nature, the effects of acne are far-reaching and can leave indelible scars on the mind; much beyond the surface of the skin. Look out for the signs. In doing so, you’ll better your chances of receiving the appropriate counselling/medication to break free from the stigma associated with acne!

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