Dealing With Acne Depression

Keep a close eye on people who suffer from moderate to severe acne; be it your family or friends. Do you notice that they behave differently? Those suffering from moderate acne symptoms go as far as trying out every remedy in the block, covering their pimples with makeup and could become progressively depressed if not addressed or treated early on.

Moderate to severe cases of acne depression can make people ‘socially’ withdrawn, particularly during teenage years. It is almost as if they give up the normal life, are scared of stepping out, don’t want to be seen in public and suffer from lowered self-esteem. If you know of a person who has shown all these symptoms and more, raise the red flag and get some help right away!

Signs To Look Out For

  • Bouts of silence
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Lack of appetite
  • Concerns about body image
  • Frequent changes in mood
  • Performance issues
  • Insomnia
  • Socially phobic
  • Relationship strains

What Are The Possible Treatments?

You should be able to condition your mind from the inside and focus on your health. If you want to prevent future breakouts, you will firstly need to look for a cure for your acne condition. Visit your doctor and get it diagnosed. Prescription oral and topical medications may be prescribed and could help improve your confidence and physical appearance. If you are suffering from acne that you cannot control with over-the-counter treatments, visit a specialist or a dermatologist.

For more severe cases of acne depression, you could visit a mental health practitioner or a psychiatrist to help you deal with your depression along with taking the acne treatment. To treat this depression, your mental health practitioner may suggest therapy/counseling sessions, anti-depressant techniques/medication or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Whatever the severity of acne depression may be, it should be taken and treated seriously. It is almost as if the acne feeds the depression. Appropriate and timely help can heal both the physical aspects of acne as well the emotional side-effects. Be on guard!

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