Curing Pimples with Ice

Sebaceous glands which are present beneath the hair follicle work to produce sebum, this oil keeps the skin moist and supple. In the normal course, the old skin sheds gradually and renews itself again and again. But, if the cells shed unevenly, they clump with skin’s natural oil and form a plug within the pore – like a cork inside a bottle. The skin continues with the normal oil production and the plug begins to trap bacterial inside the follicle and begins to swell with the oil. At the same time, the body’s immune system goes into overdrive, producing white blood cells to attack bacteria – this is the way a pimple is formed.

For pimples there are many treatments prescribed but the simplest form of treatment is to apply ice. This can reduce the inflammation, which is characterized by heat, redness, tenderness and swelling. There are a few other things which the ice would be able to cure

  • Size – like any inflammation, a few minutes of ice on a pimple can help reduce the swelling.
  • Lifespan – by reducing the size of the pimple with ice, it decreases the lifespan.
  • Redness – this can increase the redness of the skin in the short term, but in long-term it tends to reduce it.
  • Pain – for painful cysts, apply ice; it can reduce the pain of the swollen spots.

How to Apply Ice

  • Make sure you clean the skin first
  • Wrap the ice into a cloth, don’t apply directly
  • Place the cloth directly above the pimple
  • Hold in place for 1 min, else it can cause damage to the surrounding skin
  • Remove it, wait for 5 minutes and again reapply
  • Continue this process in other affected areas

In the long run you would notice beneficial effects mentioned above. These are some of the pimple remedies that can be applied to skin to naturally reduce a pimple breakout. Even after having done this, if there is a serious breakout, it is just to consult a dermatologist.

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