Shaving Tip 2/8 – Choosing Shaving Cream

There are generally 3 different categories to choose from:

  1. Shaving cream
  2. Shaving soap/bar
  3. Shaving foam

All 3 are best when applied with a shaving brush which will build a lovely lather whilst priming hairs for shaving.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is dense, thick and packed full of natural oils. It’s ideally suited to those with drier skin types as it doubles up as a heavy-duty moisturiser. These lather up beautifully with a shaving brush and provide the ultimate lubricant to help a razor glide over your face effortlessly. Shaving creams can vastly reduce or eliminate irritation whilst nourishing the face. The only downside is that they’re quite thick and so will take some work to spread across thicker beards.

Shaving Soap

In many ways, shaving soap is considered the traditional selection for wet shavers. It’s a hard substance rather than a cream and thus needs a fair bit of water and work with a brush to spread efficiently over the skin and beard. Shaving soaps are composed similarly to creams, with nourishing natural ingredients and lubricants. They’re perfect for all types of skin and aren’t usually overly greasy or oily, making them easier to work into thicker beards and stubble.

Shaving Gel/Foam

Shaving gels make the most out of more modern synthetic ingredients and for sensitive skin that reacts to natural oils, they can be a great hypoallergenic option. Shaving gels regularly have a cooling effect on the skin and though they need to be liberally applied, they still act as an excellent lubricant for any safety razor. However, shaving gel doesn’t generally work very well with shaving brushes.

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