Cheek Acne Demystified

Facial hygiene is one of the most important practices when it comes to controlling acne flare ups on your cheeks, chin and forehead. But if you are doing everything it takes and you are still suffering from acne on your cheeks, you might be facing a bigger problem. Not many people are aware that acne eruptions on certain areas on the face are linked to specific organs in your body. Ancient Indian Ayurveda practices have pointed out a technique to identifying and associating these spots with various organs in the body. This is done by a procedure known as ‘face mapping’. Since time immemorial, this technique has been used to decode physiological imbalances that may be causing the zits.

For example: If you are constantly suffering from acne on the same areas of your cheeks, you might have a problem with either your liver or your lungs. Treating this condition is the first step. The second step is to control other activities that may be leading to further imbalances in the body. Find out what these other minor but detrimental activities could be –

The Pillow

The germs and bacteria on your pillow covers are capable of wreaking havoc on your face like you would have never imagined it. The same goes with cell phones. If you haven’t been washing your pillow covers or wiping your cell phone screens regularly, now would be a good time to start. Night after night, you unconsciously rub your skin against the same bacteria, germs and dead cells. This could lead to your pores getting clogged in the same spots on your cheeks and the rest as you know, is history!


The cheeks and liver are interconnected. Ergo, you might have to cut down on alcohol for a while. Over-eating or drinking too much alcohol can cause imbalances in the liver and as a result, lead to ugly, painful breakouts on the face. Don’t quit alcohol all together if you can’t, but practice moderation for the sake of healthy cheeks.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Go ahead and raise eyebrows at this one. Poor oral hygiene, dental health or infections in the mouth can lead to painful acne and ulcers. Listen to what your dentist has to say. Brush and floss regularly to save your cheeks the acne trouble.

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