Can You Blame Your Genes For Acne?

People who suffer from moderate to more severe cases of acne might find it easy to blame their X and Y chromosomes, especially if other members of their family suffered from acne during their childhood. Although this is true to a large degree, what has to be understood is that hereditary acne cannot be considered a ‘direct’ genetic disease and you might never even suffer from as much as an occasional pimple all your life. Nevertheless, it is always better to keep yourself prepared. Know everything you need to know about hereditary acne –

Acne & Other Health Disorders

Disorders such as PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disorder) are widely triggered by genes, but the same cannot be said for pimples. For instance, if a mother suffers from severe cystic acne due to PCOD in her teenage years, it is very likely that her daughter might suffer from breakouts later in life, because the ‘PCOD’ gene would have passed down to the daughter and not the actual acne itself. Although the ‘chances’ of breakouts may increase if your parents or your ancestors suffered from severe bouts of acne, the good news is, these ‘hereditary acne’ can be controlled and treated.

What You Can Do

Additionally, genes will determine the kinds of pores you will have on your skin and how well they clean up, or don’t! If your parents have large pores on their skin, chances are, you will too. In such a situation, you will need to take proactive steps to keep your skin unclogged at all times to minimize the chances of breakouts. Follow a regular skin care routine, get enough rest and detox your body with lots of water. If going natural is not helping, you could always consult your doctor if you need to treat an underlying problem (such as PCOD) to tackle your acne, first.

At the end of the day, acne cannot be directly linked to genetics, though some part of it is affected by it. If you are suffering from consistent flare-ups, or if your parents have experienced these sorts of breakouts before, talk it out with them to ease your mind, or get professional help if you are looking for a quick remedy. Either way, know that you can always get help and you are not alone.

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