Can Candida Cause Acne?

‘Candida’ is the most common yeast type found in the human body. Yeast is not necessarily harmful, but if there is an imbalance between the good and the bad bacteria in the body, it can be. How can you tell if you have an imbalance? To understand this, it is crucial to recognize the most common types of yeast infections. Yeast is found in abundance in the genital regions, in the mouth and under the arm pits. Watch out for foul odors, yeast coatings/discharge and itchiness. These symptoms are usually the major tell-tale signs when it comes to severe cases of yeast overproduction. While we are aware of these forms of yeast infections, are we aware that an overgrowth of candida can also lead to acne breakouts?

How Are Candida And Acne Related?

Too much of yeast in the body, could weaken the immune system affecting the body’s ability to get rid of waste and toxins. In such a situation, the body becomes a breeding ground for bad bacteria and can affect the digestive functions, the reproductive system and also, the skin! Yeast also feeds off the body sugars and coverts these sugars into toxins. If the body becomes a reserve for toxins, there is not stopping breakouts.

Additionally, people who suffer from severe cases of acne are treated with strong antibiotics. Though this may prove to be effective in the short term and kill the bad bacteria, it may not be so for the long run. Repeated use of antibiotics can kill all the ‘good bacteria’ that are required to keep candida in check.


  • Drink juices or shakes that are rich in probiotics. Probiotics introduce healthy bacteria into the body and special enzymes that can regularize the immune system.
  • Cranberry juice contains anti-oxidants and anti-fungal properties – two properties that make the skin glow and also rid the body of toxins and eventually, topical problems or infections.
  • Reduce the intake of foods that are high in sugar. Yeast feeds on sugar and if the source of sugars are cut off or reduced, the growth of ‘bad’ yeast can also be controlled.

Consult your doctor if you believe that candida is the main problem behind your acne. Special supplements or treatments may be administered to control the yeast levels in the body, thereby reducing the chances of acne breakouts.

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