Avoiding Mild Acne

It is unfortunate that acne occurs in the teenage years and at times go up to adulthood in some individuals. After having taken all precautions, if acne persists, then a visit to the local dermatologist and applying the topical creams suggested by them is the way forward. However, there can be some simple things that can be done to keep away mild acne.

Reduce Toxins – The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It also serves as an organ to remove waste through sweating. If the amount of waste to be discharged exceeds the capacity of both liver and kidney, it will be discharged through the skin. As toxins escape through skin, it disturbs the normalcy of the skin surface causing several disorders to occur, which also include acne. One could avoid processed foods, which contain large doses of sodium and sugar, while increasing the intake of whole foods and water. A diet high in whole foods helps in the up-keep of a healthy digestive system and causes the disposal of toxins through the colon. Drinking water in large amounts also helps in the flushing toxins through the kidneys.

Avoid Topical Oils/ Chemicals- Harsh chemicals, dyes and oils clog the pores and cause acne to increase. Use natural water based products as a soothing alternative.

Keep Skin Clean – Skin is a living organ and it needs to breathe. Washing the skin at regular intervals can help combat the clogging of pores through dust, oils and pollutants. Meanwhile, it is also important to note that over doing can render your skin dry in the absence of natural oils of the skin.

Nutritional Supplements – There are vitamins A, C & E and zinc along with essential fatty acids like omega3 which improve the appearance of the skin and minimize the breakout of acne. Recommended daily dosages need to taken, any excesses can prove counter-productive.

These can be simple pimple remedies that can be practised to avoid or prevent mild acne. However, you should consult a physician in case of severe acne breakouts and take the medicines and creams prescribed.

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