Acne Treatments Through History

Before the new kids on the block (Accutane, Proactiv or cosmetic surgeries) existed, people used effective acne-fighting remedies that were being used for centuries. Some are even being used in today!

When was the last time you remember seeing the portrait of a Renaissance woman or a monarch with bumps or acne scars on their faces? These paintings were after all, commended for being precise and there was no chance of any of them being photoshopped! Here is a list of the 3 most effective acne remedies that were known to have been used since time immemorial and could help with treating your acne even today!

1. Urea
Believe it or not, urea has proven to be super effective when it comes to treating acne. This remedy has been in use for centuries and has even been documented. Even today, people use their own urine to treat painful acne bumps and to prevent breakouts in the future. Not only does urea cleanse the skin but it is effective in bringing back the lost glow.

2. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil was a popular remedy used by the Australians for eons and is still in use today. It has plenty of antifungal and anti-viral properties that can help cleanse the skin from under the pores and is also effective when it comes to mitigating acne side-effects; scaling, irritation or itching.

3. Sulphur

The ancient Egyptians were way ahead of their time and were already developing medicine for a number of ailments; most of them which are in use today. One of these remedies that has been documented by scribes and etched on the walls is sulphur for the skin. Sulphur has drying properties and is dries out the pimples on the face, along with exfoliating it. A number of modern-day treatments have sulphur as one of the ingredients or properties. The ancient Egyptians also believed that if you had persistent breakouts on the face, it was because you were telling lies. Interesting, right?


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