6 Unfamiliar Causes Of Acne

Turns out, your hormones cannot always be blamed! Some of habits that you were not conscious of, could be the leading causes behind those bothersome zits. Find out what these 6 unfamiliar causes of acne are.

1) Smoking

Researchers at the San Galliciano Dermatological Insitute in Rome have brought forth evidence that smoking has a direct effect on non-inflammatory acne. Those who smoke are at twice the risk of having persistent acne breakouts throughout their lives than those who don’t. That’s one more reason to quit smoking!

2) Tight Clothing

Tight clothing that literally doesn’t let your skin breathe could trap dead cells, dirt and sweat that could give rise to the formation of acne in unusual places on the body. Materials such as spandex, lyrca and polyester are some of the fabrics that can irritate and inflame sensitive, acne-prone skin. Wear comfortable clothing made of loose or natural fibers such as cotton.

3) Tanning

Working that beautiful tan comes with its benefits, but what most of us are not aware of is the fact that harsh UV rays can put sebaceous glands on overdrive. This paves way for more acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles.

4) Cell Phones

If you find that you keep getting acne on just one side of your face and close to the ear lobes, then your cell phone might just be the culprit! Using your phone without cleaning the screen with an astringent could mean your face oils, dead skin and dirt is repeatedly getting glued back on your face, every time you use the phone.

5) Poor Diet

Though a lot of nutritionists may disagree, dermatologists believe that the food we eat does play a part on acne flare-ups. Avoid taking in too much caffeine, greasy and sugary foods and include more vegetables, fruits, juices and water in your diet and feel the difference.

6) Bowel Movements

This is probably the most unheard cause of acne, but is definitely true. If you haven’t been to the loo in a while and your intestines haven’t cleared out, you are giving your body a chance to absorb the bad bacteria and toxins back into the body.

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