6 tips for avoiding acne during season change

While relishing the wintry breeze you often forgo the decreasing moisture, while enjoying the fresh blossoms of spring you forgo the pollen in the air. Nature shows lovely effects of seasonal changes yet your skin may behave the other way. A seasonal change is often reflected by your skin in terms of acne. This is because you fail to keep up your skincare routine with the needs of the season. So, if you are annoyed with a string of acne which has appeared suddenly, start treating your skin in accordance to the season with the following tips:

Exfoliate regularly: Regular exfoliation is a must be part of your skin care routine especially during seasonal changes. Exfoliation is beneficial for your skin in multiple ways. It lightens summer sunspots, reduces clogged pores and smoothens your skin.

Use gentler cleanser and moisturizing products: Use nourishing products during season changes. Avoid products with high levels of alcohol.

Change your pillowcases regularly: Bacteria and oil gathers in long used pillowcases which encourages breakouts. Changing pillowcases twice a week is ideal, but you might reduce the frequency to once a week.

Add antioxidants to your morning routine: Applying a Vitamin C serum or even a Vitamin A cream every morning will help you to get rid of dullness .Drinking lime juice also helps in flushing out toxins and keeps your skin fresh and smooth.

Stay hydrated all day: Staying hydrated all day is the fairest habit for your skin. Drink at least eight glasses of water and apply moisturize , which will keep your skin hydrated and happy. Lack of moisture will set your oil glands in an overdrive of oil production which will encourage your acne.

Intake yogurt: Yogurt enriches you with good bacteria and revitalize your skin. It will boost your immune system which is very important for your sturdy skin during seasonal change.

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