6 tips for avoiding acne in dry air

If you are staying in a dry climatic environment and acnes is an issue with your skin, you must shield your skin from the dry air you stay in. Dryness gets on our skin and still we often forgo its effects. In previous blogs it was already stated that dryness triggers breakouts though usually it is oily skin which we mostly attribute to acne. When skin lacks moisture, its oil glands are set on an overdrive of producing oil and it leads to acnes. Moreover dry skin is always sensitive and it is more susceptible to breakouts and its after affects of scarring, reduced glow etc. Dryness of skin is often attributed to the environment we dwell in. So here we sort out a few tips to avoid dry acne prone skin:

Use warm water for your shower and avoid hot water: The temperature of your shower water matter a lot for your skin. Bathing in hot water usually robs your skin moisture and worsens the affects of dryness. So preserve the natural oil layer of your skin by bathing in warm water and if possible enjoy the calmness of normal water.

Stand beneath the shower for at most 5-10 minutes: 5-10 minutes is an ideal shower time recommended by dermatologists for maintaining a healthy skin moisture. Short warm showers are always healthier.

Gently pat dry your skin after bathing: Even the way you wipe your skin matters for avoiding acne. Always use a fresh and clean towel and pat dry gently without rubbing too harshly.

Moisturize immediate after a shower: It is the most useful tip of trapping good moisture. Moisturize within two of washing your face or bathing. This way your skin will absorb most of the needed moisture and do not let it dry.

Use a gentle face wash: Use soapless and fragrance free face wash and shower gels to wash your face and bath. This will prove gentle on your skin and retain moisture.

Humidify your indoors: As already said your environment matters for your skin dryness. Try to humidify your indoors by installing humidifier, avoiding bonfires, let in fresh air with healthy ventilation and the like.

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