6 tips for acne free skin this holiday season

With the holiday season just at hand, you must be gearing up for a whale of fun.  Parties, beach holidays, carnivals, adventures are all common elements of a holiday agenda. But these elements of fun are often stressful for your skin. Sharp sun of noon, layers of makeup, alcohol, breach of regular food routine are some obvious part of your fun during holidays and if you have acne skin these will encourage your breakouts. So here we list out some easy and festival friendly tips which you must follow for keeping your skin delightful and glowing all over the time:

Intake water, the elixir for your skin: Drinking water is an awesome habit for our skin. Make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday even during your holiday time. It will improve your blood circulation and keep your skin off from toxins.

Avoid over makeup: Makeup give you just an ephemeral glory. Layers of heavy makeup are very likely to trigger breakouts as they clog your skin pores.  Your natural look is your best asset.

Wear a season suiting sunscreen: Select your sunscreen in accordance with your skin and the season. If its summer and you already have oily skin use a light sunscreen may the ones which are water based. If you have dry skin and it’s winter you select a moisturizer cum sunscreen.

Eat judiciously: It’s obvious that festivals mean revelry and parties.  Eating tasty food is a tempting part of all parties. Yet if you want your skin to stay acne free avoid overdose of creamy and junk foods like pastries and chocolates.

Infuse yourself with tea: It is an awesome liquor for skin. Drink two cups of herbal tea a day. It must be a part of your routine irrespective of the festival season.

Make the most of your vacation:  The most wonderful fact is that vacation time which brims with happy hours, family time, travelling and sea side stays are all healthy for your skin. Living free from stress is always an essence of skin friendly lifestyle. So, make the most of your holidays for a delightful and shining skin.

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