6 Natural Toners for redeeming the glow in acne skin

Who doesn’t fancy owning a glowing skin?  A glowing skin is a magnetic factor of beauty. Yet common skin issues like acne and blackheads reduce the glow of skin by leaving back scars and other blemishes. So if you are affected by acne and you still want to redeem the supple baby skin of your childhood, you must start a glow enhancing skin routine from today. One of the most important essential parts of that glow enhancing skincare routine is toning. Toning absorbs extra oil from skin, prevents further breakouts and softens your skin after cleansing. Toning is as essential an errand as bathing for oily skin people.

Most of the well known toning agents are natural and made out of simple kitchen ingredients.  Though you may avail a wide range of toners in shelves of cosmetic outlets, those are often mingled with lots of harmful chemicals which affect your skin in long run. So, here we list out a number of natural toners which are easy to prepare in home and safe for your skin in long run.

  1. White Vinegar: White vinegar mixed with water is an awesome toning agent for oily skin. Apply it to your skin using a cotton pad and wipe it on your face gently.
  2. Mint leaves: Extract the juice of mint leaves and mix it with hot water. After the solution cools down, wipe your face with it.
  3. Aloe Vera Juice: In true sense aloe vera is just another name of elixir for skin. Squeeze out pure aloe vera juice and apply on your face. It is not just a toner, it also a wondrous sunscreen and soothing agent.
  4. Cucumber and curd: Cucumber pulp mixed with curd is another great toning agent and it works wonders on oily skin. Apply it for about 10 minutes and wipe it off gently.
  5. Olive Oil: Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and rejuvenates your skin. Wipe your skin with olive oil as a regular toning agent.
  6. Rose water: Rose water is an excellent toner for oily skin. Wipe your skin with rose water 3 time a day and watch the wonders.
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