6 exfoliation tips for acne skin

Anyone who is interested in redeeming skin glow after a string of breakouts must own up the goodness of exfoliation. Exfoliation is the removal of dead cell built up on your skin. A regular routine of exfoliation smoothen and softens skin and brightens up complexion. It also reduces future breakouts by clearing skin pores. But before staring your routine of exfoliation, understand the need of your skin. A proper need analysis of your skin will help you to decide which exfoliators you must use and how frequently you must use them.  Here are a few tips of using exfoliators:

Physical exfoliators are safer:  Gritty scrubs, rough cleansing pads and cloths and professional microdermabrasion procedures are a few examples of physical exfoliators. They are free from all harmful chemicals so you may use them frequently. But if your acne is inflamed too much of friction might irritate and redden your breakouts and trigger additional breakouts. So it is better to avoid scrubbing your acne and if there are more than one inflamed acnes, start your exfoliation routine once the acnes reduce.

Wash before exfoliating:  Washing your face is a must be rule before you exfoliate your skin.  Washing your face rinses off all dust, so when you scrub your skin it does not get into your pores. So washing your face makes your exfoliation safer.

Follow up exfoliation with a good moisturizer:  Though exfoliation softens your skin, it robs off the essential moisture. So, follow up you exfoliation with a gentle moisturizer. So, redeem the required balance to your skin with moisturizer.

Exfoliate in the morning: As skin renews itself in night, exfoliate in morning to get the best effects of it. Exfoliating in morning slough away your dead skin accumulated during night.

Exfoliate only once a week: Once a week is a optimum frequency for exfoliating acne skin. Exfoliating more than once a week might increase acne irritation. Once acnes reduce one might increase the frequency to twice a week.

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