Wooden Nail Brush (Pack of 2)

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Clear out the dirt and grime with a wooden nail brush. This tough wooden nail brush gets under the nail and all around to clean completely, hygienically and easily. Two sets of bristles give you complete control. The thinner row along the top of the brush is ideal for precise cleaning under the nails.

The wide main set of bristles can clean all around the nail, fingers and hand. Remove even tough dirt, grime, soil, paint and more. The solid wood construction is tough and durable. It won’t crack or go brittle like plastic.

The bristles are soft and supple enough to be flexible and not cause irritation. At the same time they are strong and great at removing caked on dirt. Add soap to help break down the dirt and for the most effective clean. The most straightforward and simple way to clean your nails of dirt and grime – pick up a wooden nail brush now.

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