Plastic Nail Brush (Pack of 2)


Get squeaky clean nails using our plastic nail brush, available in a handy two-pack. Supple bristles scrub away at dirt and grime on the hands and fingers as well as around and under the nails. Scrubs up nicely getting rid of soil, dirt, paint, and more.

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Get your fingernails squeaky clean with a nail brush. Perfect for getting under and around the nail to scrub away dirt, grime, soil, paint, grease, and more.

Using your plastic nail brush

The nail brush has an ergonomic and lightweight handle that is easy to hold and control. The strong, supple bristles can clean all around the fingers and hand. As well as tackling the main job under and around the nail. The bristles get to work moving independently for a really thorough clean, dislodging all the dirt and grime your fingers can collect during the day.

The flexible plastic handle is light and easy to control. Ergonomically designed for a good grip using either hand and to be comfortable to use. The nail brush is also vegan and completely cruelty-free!

The bristles are soft and supple enough to be flexible and not cause irritation. At the same time, they are strong and great at removing caked-on dirt. Soak your hands for a little while in warm water and add soap to help break down the dirt for the most effective clean. Scrub around the nails with gentle pressure, then you can tackle the more precise work under the nails.

A handy two-pack means you can keep nail brushes in different places around the house – maybe the bathroom and the kitchen – or keep one at work or just one in reserve as a spare. To look after your nail brush give it a good rinse after using to get rid of any dirt it picked up. Then let it dry out somewhere well ventilated. Try not to let the bristles get squashed or bent. This basic care will keep it in top condition.

It’s the most straightforward and simple way to clean your nails of dirt and grime – so pick up a nail brush now.

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