Cotton Buds with Bamboo Sticks – Plastic-Free and Biodegradable, Pack of 100


Cotton buds are reached for daily as one of the most versatile items in your bathroom cabinet. So you want a top quality, great value cotton bud. Our environmentally friendly cotton buds are great for cleaning those hard to reach areas, applying or removing makeup, and much more.

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Are you trying to cut as many disposable plastics out of your life as possible?

Plastic-stemmed cotton buds can take centuries to degrade, and usually just end up in landfills or polluting our oceans. It’s time to take a stand for the environment.

Say goodbye to plastic by switching to the Clear Confidence Co Cotton Buds with Bamboo Sticks! Whether you’re applying makeup or cleaning your ears, these fully biodegradable cotton buds are an eco-friendly choice. 

  • Flexible yet sturdy bamboo stems that are stronger than paper
  • Soft, gentle, pure cotton tips 
  • Ideal for sensitive skin types
  • Firmly bound to prevent the cotton from unravelling or coming off during use
  • Holds liquids well 

Every little bit counts in making this world a greener, cleaner place. Try these Cotton Buds with Bamboo Sticks by Clear Confidence Co today!

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