Beauty Bundle

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Get a great price on all your beauty must-have essentials with the Beauty Bundle. With a pop-spotting comedone extractor, pumice stone, tweezers, wax strips, nail files, and more, you’ve got everything you need. The bundle comes at a huge discount too!

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Clear Confidence’s Beauty Bundle gives you everything you need for your cosmetics case, bathroom cabinet, or pamper party night in. Use the bundle to get all your essentials in one quick order, and at a fantastic discount.

What’s in the Beauty Bundle?


The famous pimple popping comedone extractor is the most hygienic and professional way to pop your spots. Made of stainless steel it has a loop at either end that are used to apply pressure to your spots. Large or small, blackhead or whitehead, you can pop those spots with less redness, irritation, and swelling when you use a proper pimple popper. It’s one of our most popular products and you won’t pop your spots any other way once you’ve tried it out.

Pumice stones gently rub away dead, dry, and rough skin to leave you feeling great. Give your feet a scrub for smooth, soft skin that feels great.

The slanted tip on our tweezers gives you accurate plucking that can get up close and personal to unwanted hairs. A strong grip and well-aligned edge mean you won’t miss hairs and get hot and bothered – not to mention red and swollen – try to pluck hairs.

A pack of three nail files means you can keep one handy wherever you are. At home, the office, the gym, in your travel bag. Fix up torn or rough nails and stop them from breaking or getting any worse. Having a nail file to hand makes a difference.

Keep your fingernails and toenails neat and tidy with our stainless steel nail clippers. They won’t go rusty in a steamy bathroom, and are strong with sharp blades.

A hundred paper wax strips means you won’t be running out anytime soon. Supplement the strips from your waxing set using these professional-quality strips.

Get great savings on the Beauty Bundle with all your beauty essentials!

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