Are Badgers Killed for Shaving Brushes?

are badgers killed for shaving brushes?

If you are shopping for a shaving brush then you will have likely read they are made using badger hair. Actually, there are 3 animals that are frequently used for hair in the cosmetics and beauty industries; horse, badger and boar. Badger’s hair is by far the most common for shaving brushes, though.

You might now be wondering, are badgers killed for shaving brushes? Sadly, the answer is yes.

Why Are Badgers Killed for Shaving Brushes?

Animal hair shaving brushes are wrongly seen as the only option for a shaving brush. The most common form of animal hair in a shaving brush is badger hair. This has been the primary hair in shaving brushes since antiquity, long before synthetic fibre alternatives to animal hair even existed.

Why badger hair? It’s deemed to have the right amount of softness and stiffness, as well as a good length for shaving brushes. There are different grades of badger hair for different types of brushes and some can cost hundreds of pounds! The hair is mostly taken from the stomach area but can be taken from the legs or back also depending on the grade of the brush. No matter where the hair is taken from, it’s harmful to the badger.

To get the amount of hair needed to fuel the world’s need for badger hair shaving brushes, badgers are farmed and killed for hair in droves. Badgers are a wild animal and thus, they haven’t been bred for thousands of years to be domesticated, like sheep. This means they are not easily shorn for their hair, they will struggle and since hair is taken from sensitive areas, it’s not possible to remove it without pain (like it is with sheep). Instead, they are killed and then their hair is collected. Most badger farms are in China and the hair is then exported all over the world.

Badgers aren’t a farm animal. The suffering and death is completely unnecessary.

Alternatives to Badger Hair – Vegan Shaving Brushes

Thankfully, there is an alternative! The archaic days of the badger-hair shaving brush are behind us. We are not living in medieval times anymore…!

You can now get synthetic shaving brushes that are cruelty-free and vegan. While some purists swear by badger hair, many people are unwilling to stomach that much cruelty and vegans will not use products with animal hair.

The alternative is a synthetic shaving brush. The synthetic bristles are just as effective as animal hair, easy to look after and long-lasting. Plus you can go about your shaving routine cruelty-free.

People are quickly running out of excuses to use badger hair. The industry is well-exposed as cruel and synthetic alternatives are just as good and they undoubtedly last longer. Of course, we welcome this news and we hope you do too! Say ‘no’ to the badger hair trade with a vegan shaving brush.

We have two different vegan shaving brushes. Both are 100% cruelty-free and vegan – one has a beautiful wooden handle, the other is plastic in a classic black finish.

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Badger photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash