How long will a shaving brush last?
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How long will a shaving brush last?

If you are thinking about switching to a shaving brush it’s reasonable to wonder, how long will a shaving brush last?

There’s no definite answer. Just like a toothbrush or a bar of soap, it can depend.

Some people have shaving brushes they’ve used for a decade or more. Others replace theirs every few years.

How long will a shaving brush last, and why?

How you use the brush will be the main factor. If you shave every day your brush will be used seven times more than someone who shaves once a week. Naturally, your brush probably won’t last as long as theirs.

But it could! It’s not just sheer use that matters. Looking after your shaving brush will extend its lifespan.

Looking after your shaving brush

Two little changes will help your shaving brush the most.

First, rinse your brush thoroughly when you are finished shaving. The brush sweeps up dead skin, hair, dirt, and shaving cream. That can gunk up the base of the bristles.

Secondly, it’s really important to let your shaving brush dry out between uses. No putting it into a drawer or cabinet while it is still damp! If it’s damp bacteria can grow, damaging the bristles and making it smell. So make sure it is somewhere it can get dry with good air ventilation.

For extra marks, your brush should be stored with the bristles facing down, such as on a rack or handle. Gravity helps it dry and nothing builds up at the base of the bristles.

You can also give your brush a proper wash every so often.

Some people have more than one brush and alternate between them to give the brush more time to dry off. If you are shaving every day that might be something to try.

But just the rinsing and drying will really help your brush last longer.

So how long will a shaving brush last? Longer if you look after it!

Photo by Patrick Coddou on Unsplash

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