How long do nail files last?
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How long do nail files last?

When you’re choosing a new nail file you will probably wonder “how long do nail files last?” Are there any big differences between types of nail files? Is there anything you can do to help your nail file last longer? And when should you expect to be looking for a new one?

So let’s take a look!

How long do nail files last?

First of all, no nail file is going to last forever. Nail files use friction to rub down your nail and a tiny amount of that is actually rubbing them down too. They are much stronger than nails but they still get a little worn down after every use.

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It will also depend on the type of nail file. Emery boards, with the rough paper-like finish, won’t last as long as a metal nail file. But some people prefer using them.

A metal nail file is the better bet for sheer durability. Clear Confidence’s metal nail file is stainless steel so it won’t rust and will be long-lasting. It also comes in a pack of three, so you have instant replacements ready to go.

It also depends how much use your nail file is getting. They only wear down a tiny bit each time but still, the more you use it the more often that is. A nail file that gets used a few times a month on the odd rough nail will last much longer than one shared between a family of daily users.

Sometimes though, what seems like a worn out nail file actually just needs a bit of maintenance. The tiny gaps in the nail file’s surface can get clogged with dust and debris from filing. But those gaps are important for creating friction and catching new bits of nail. So if your nail file seems dull have a closer look. You can give it a good wash to remove the build-up and you might have a nail file as good as new again rather than one that needs throwing away!

There are a few different answers to “how long do nail files last?” but hopefully now you know a little more about what to expect.

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