Are pimples contagious?
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Are pimples contagious?

It’s a reasonable question to ask: are pimples contagious? You might have wondered before, or you might have other similar questions about pimples and acne.

The short answer is no. Pimples are not contagious, so you can’t “catch” acne from other people. But it’s an interesting question and a deeper look at the answer can be useful.

Are pimples contagious and other common myths

There are a lot of myths around acne. One is that pimples are contagious – that you can catch them from someone else or they can spread between people. Others are that acne is caused by dirt, or that people with acne are unclean.

We know that there’s nothing unclean about acne. In fact, it’s more likely to be caused by too much cleaning. Cleaning away the natural oil on the skin can lead to over-production, causing more acne.

Everyone has the acne bacteria on their skin. But whether or not it turns into pimples and acne depends on other factors. So you can’t spread it to other people, because it’s already there. You can share towels, kiss, or touch skin with acne without “catching” it. But in general, you should be careful about things touching your face as it can irritate your pimples or make them worse. You can spread the acne bacteria around your body. So be careful about not touching your face or other areas with acne. You could irritate your acne and make it worse. Touching your acne can introduce germs and other bacteria to the wound, making the spot much worse.

Picking with your fingers can make your acne much worse. It causes redness, swelling and irritation. Because our hands carry a lot of germs, bacteria, and dirt, even if they look clean. If you squeeze or pick at a pimple and break the skin then those germs can get into the pimple. This can cause the pimple to get worse, or infected.

While the answer to “are pimples contagious?” is no, there are lots of things you can do for your acne. Cleaning your skin regularly is important. But so is moisturising to replace the lost oils. Using a proper “pimple popper” or comedone extractor is hygienic and causes less swelling and redness. Your doctor might be able to prescribe medication for your acne.

Acne and pimples affect most people at some time. It’s not contagious, or dirty. It might be frustrating but it’s no reason not to feel confident and great about yourself.

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