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Do nail files wear out?

Stainless steel nail files are tough and durable but you might be asking yourself – do nail files wear out?

So let’s find out: do nail files wear out?

Metal nail files work by using an etched surface to cause friction on the nail. Your nail is softer than the metal so it rubs away. But the nail file does take a bit of a hit at the same time. It wears away, but much, much slower than the nail.

Sometimes it might seem like your nail file is wearing out and becoming less effective – but it’s actually not. To produce the friction that files your nail you need the etching in the nail file to be clear. If it is dirty or filled with muck, it won’t file as well. To solve this problem you just need to give the nail file a clean with warm soapy water and clear out the etching by rubbing with a cloth or a nail brush. Dry it off properly and your nail file will be as good as new.

Eventually, over time, you will notice your nail file not working quite as well. This can happen over many years, depending on how often you use your file and how well you look after it. You might find you have to work harder to get your nails filed or that the file doesn’t do quite such a good job.

That means it’s time for a new file. A stainless steel metal nail file lasts far longer than emery boards and similar alternatives. They need replacing every few weeks. But a metal nail file can go for years. You can pick up a pack of three from Pimple Popper for a great price for fantastic value over the years.

Don’t forget your other essential nail care supplies like a wooden nail brush and nail clippers.

So there you have it, the answer to “do nail files wear out?” and some tips on making them last as long as possible.

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